Apply now for Cleaning Jobs With Free Visa Sponsorship In USA , CANADA, UK

If you are seeing this article, it means that you are looking for information on how to get cleaning jobs with visa sponsorships in USA and we are sure that after reading this article, you will get all the necessary information you seek.

So if you are looking for cleaning jobs in the United States where the employer is willing and ready to sponsor your visa, then you are lucky as there are a lot of cleaning jobs opportunities in the United States presently.

Cleaning jobs are one of the few jobs that require little or no skill and anyone can do it. Getting a cleaning job in USA is not really difficult. If you want to further your educational career in the U.S. but you don’t have enough funds to start, you can apply for a cleaning job to get started.

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Cleaners In CANADA

A cleaner is someone who is paid to keep a particular place organized and in good condition, it could be a home or office. They are responsible for maintaining and tidying up an area designated to them.

Cleaners are employed to ensure that the environment and the area they are assigned to take care of is properly cared for.

They perform some duties like dusting, sweeping, mopping etc. they also perform routine checks to make sure everywhere is neat.

Cleaning jobs have become one of the most in-demand jobs in the United States and this because a lot of people are too busy to clean their homes or office and so there is a need to hire cleaners to do the jobs.

As a cleaner in USA, you could be hired by agencies or as private employees. You could work in residential or commercial buildings and can also be hired by the government to take care of the environment.

Responsibilities Of A Cleaner in Canada

As a cleaner, you are charge with an array of responsibilities and here are some of them:

  • Sweeping
  • Mopping
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Using cleaning agents to mop and disinfect the areas
  • Washing and cleaning
  • Comply with health and safety regulations

Cleaning Jobs With Free Visa Sponsorship In USA , CANADA, UK

Cleaning jobs with visa sponsorship means that employers or companies in USA are willing and ready to employ foreigners to work as cleaners and they are also willing to sponsor their visas to the country provided that there is no citizen of America or permanent resident available to do the job.

Cleaners are able to live and work legally in USA and if you immigrate to USA through the visa sponsorship program, you get to enjoy some benefits aside your salary as the visa sponsorship program covers your living, health and insurance expenses.

You must have a job offer from an employer or company in USA and the employer must meet the visa requirements to be able to sponsor you to immigrate to USA as a cleaner.

Benefits Of Getting Cleaning Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In USA, UK , CANADA

Here, we will be talking about the benefits of working as a cleaner in USA through visa sponsorship.

  • Medical insurance
  • Extended Health care
  • Paid vacation
  • Vision coverage
  • Flexible working condition
  • Paid Time off and closed major holidays
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Retirement Saving Plan
  • Free Training
  • Employee Discount
  • Employee Wellness Program

Requirements To Apply For Cleaning Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In USA

For you to apply for cleaning jobs with visa sponsorship in USA; you must meet the following requirements and they are:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English
  • Basic knowledge of the cleaning materials, agents and equipment
  • Good listening skills
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Physically stable
  • Maintain high energy levels over extended periods of time
  • Must adhere to any dress code restrictions
  • The willingness to learn and grow

Where To Find Cleaning Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In USA

Here are some of the job listing websites where you can find cleaning jobs with visa sponsorship in USA:

  • Monster
  • Glassdoor
  • Google Jobs
  • AngelList
  • SimplyHired
  • ZipRecruiter

How To Apply For Cleaning Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In USA

After you must have found a cleaning job that match what you are looking for, here are the steps you need to follow in applying:

  • Search for cleaning jobs online from social media platforms or through job listing websites
  • Make sure you go through the job requirements and put your documents in order when you see a good job.
  • Prepare a standard resume and application letter and send to the employer
  • If the employer is ready to employ you for the job, your payment rate will be discussed
  • Then your potential employer will start your visa sponsorship process.

How To Apply For Visa Sponsorship In USA As A Cleaner

If you want to apply for visa sponsorship as a housekeeper, you will have to follow the steps we will be highlighting below:

  • You will have to apply for jobs online and get a job offer from an employer or company in USA.
  • You employer will determine the amount you will be paid for the position and will also inform the U.S. workforce agency.
  • Your employer will apply to the DOL for a labour condition certification
  • You will also have to register with the USCIS for the Annual H-1B lottery and wait for the result.
  • You will fill and submit the complete forms 1-129 to USCIS for selection beneficiaries.
  • Your employer will send you instructions informing you to apply for a Visa.

Types Of Visa To Apply For To Get The USA Cleaning Jobs With Visa Sponsorship

If you want to apply for cleaning jobs with visa sponsorship in USA, here are some visas you can apply for:

  • J-1 Visa

This visa has an au pair program and it for those who are interested in becoming nannies or childcare workers. The program is one of the most popular visa programs and it requires interested persons to go through training and background checks.

For you to qualify for the program, you will have to be between the ages of 18 to 26 years and must have graduated from secondary school.

  • H-2B visa

This is a visa for unskilled workers who want to immigrate to USA. You can immigrate to USA through this visa as a child care provider. This visa program is for temporary workers and this visa is only available for those countries that have treaties with the United States.

So to start your application, you will have to check if your country is among them before applying.

  • B-1 Visa

This visa is for those accompanying visitors to the United States. If you are a childcare provider to someone who is visiting the U.S., you can go through this program and it is valid for six months and can be extended.

In this program, both employer and employee will have to sign a contract that states that the employer will pay the employee and also provide benefits that is similar with what a worker in U.S. would receive.

Available Cleaning Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In USA To Apply For

You should know that there are a lot of cleaning jobs with visa sponsorship in the U.S. that you can apply for, they are:

  • Janitor
  • Housekeepers
  • Window cleaners
  • Commercial cleaner
  • Exterminator
  • Laundry attendants
  • Equipment cleaner
  • Executive housekeeper
  • Custodian
  • Hotel housekeeper
  • Maid service
  • Maintenance worker
  • Crime scene cleaner
  • Green cleaning
  • Office cleaners
  • Sanitization services
  • Upholstery cleanings

Companies That Offer Cleaning Jobs With Visa Sponsorships In USA

If you are looking for cleaning jobs with visa sponsorship in USA, here are some companies you could look at:

  • Chinle Development Inc
  • Connies Custom Cleaning
  • Environclean USA LLC
  • Compass Group Careers
  • ABM Ind.
  • CoachUSA
  • PeaceHealth
  • Adecco Staffing USA
  • Diversified
  • Blue Skies
  • Healthcare Services Group

Interview Questions For Cleaning Jobs With Visa Sponsorship In USA

If an employer in USA finds you suitable for the job, you will be informed to prepare for an online interview and here are some of the likely questions to be asked during the interview:

  • Are you ready to work early-morning shifts, weekends and late-night?
  • What will you do if cannot remove a stain from an item?
  • Why are you interested cleaning jobs?
  • What are the duties of a cleaner?
  • What makes you qualified for this role?
  • What is your key strength as a cleaner?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get a U.S. company to sponsor my visa?

For a company to sponsor a foreign worker to come to the U.S., they must first fill out the labour condition certification with the U.S. Department of Labour (DOL). Then the employer will have to file an H-1B petition with the USCIS on behalf of the foreign worker.

  • How much do cleaners earn in USA?

As a cleaner in USA, you could earn an average of around $23,023 to $34,945 per year. You could either work directly with your employer or get hired by an company (cleaning agency).

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